A dedicated crowdfunding platform for members of our university community. Work with expert fundraisers who can help turn your project ideas into a reality.

Projects are created and submitted by students, staff and alumni. All projects are assessed by the Bristol Crowdfunding team to assess the benefit that they will have on the university community. Bristol Crowdfunding also reviews all projects for suitability, judging them on their presentation quality, their goals, and the level of organisation and commitment demonstrated by the teams behind them.

If you support a project, you will automatically receive updates about it. You can also interact directly with a project team by leaving a comment or sending them a message via their project page.

What is Crowdfunding?

A "crowd" of many individuals will support your project in return for a small reward. Bristol Crowdfunding provides supporters with an easy way to donate and the University of Bristol covers the costs of processing donations, unlike other crowdfunding platforms. This means your project will receive 100% of all donations made towards it by your supporters.

What kinds of projects are suitable for Bristol Crowdfunding?

Maybe you need funding to help with the costs of travel and accommodation for a conference or production? You might be planning on hosting an academic workshop with other experts in your field? Whatever your idea, if it benefits Bristol students, staff or our wider University community we would love to hear from you!

Projects are more likely to be accepted where they benefit Bristol’s community and the wider world, and they must fit within one of our themes: Arts, Culture and Community, Climate and Environment, Innovation and Enterprise, Student Experience, and Widening Access and Participation. Your idea should have a tangible financial goal and must be due to take place in the nearby future.

How do I create a project?

Simply login and enter a few key details: a description of what you want to do, a funding target and completion date, and some rewards for pledges. Images and videos will also bring your project to life! We offer advice, tips, and feedback all along the way.

Who runs Bristol Crowdfunding?

Bristol Crowdfunding is run by the Global Engagement Division (GED). GED aims to unite the global community of Bristol graduates to inspire change and transform people’s lives, through philanthropic fundraising and by bringing current Bristol students and alumni together. Crowdfunding is just one way which someone can support the work of the University; to read more about GED and our work, please visit our website.