Emotional Support for Nightline Volunteers

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Help those who help us - how we can support those who support the most vulnerable students.

Summary | 

At Bristol Nightline we have an initial target of £1215 to support our volunteers for one year using Health Assured’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Our Nightline volunteers selflessly give their time to support other students through our overnight listening and information service. Our volunteers and generous and brave, sometimes facing difficult and distressing calls – it’s critical that we have professional support available to them. Any extra funds raised will go towards funding further years use of EAP. 

What is the problem | At Bristol Nightline, our student listeners work extremely hard offering support to people who need it. Calls can sometimes be distressing and overwhelming, people often disclose difficult and graphic information. In order to keep providing our services and supporting the mental health of the local Bristol student community, we need to ensure that our listeners also have professional support they can access.

How you can help |  By supporting our project you will ensure that our student listeners have 24/7 support available to them through Health Assured’s Employee Assistance Program. This is a support service used by many charities and the NHS. The support will allow our listeners to talk about any distressing calls and help maintain their mental health. Without support for our listeners, we cannot continue the work we do.

The ask | As someone who cares about mental health and the work we do at Bristol Nightline, would you consider making a gift of £25 to our project to support our volunteers for one week, and would you please share our project within you network and help gain support for it?