Field Kit for Widening Participation Students

A project by: Michael Benton


WE RAISED £1,875

from 30 donors

Help provide students from widening participation backgrounds with the right kit for field work

For Earth Sciences students, fieldwork is an essential part of their degree. While field trips are provided free-of-charge, students still need basic field kit such as waterproofs and hiking boots. No one can truly make the most out of their experience when they don’t have the kit to keep them clean and dry. By raising £3,000 we will provide students from low-income households with essential kit, enabling them to throw themselves into their fieldwork so they can make the most of the opportunity.


As we recruit more diverse students, some cannot afford waterproof jackets and trousers or high-quality hiking boots. This is where we need your help. By having the right kit, these students will be able to fully immerse themselves in their field trips on an equal footing to their classmates. In short, you’ll ensure that these students can throw themselves into their field experiences without worrying about staying dry and warm.


The Earth Sciences are essential to addressing the challenges of the 21st century, from living with hazards and understanding the biodiversity crisis to securing the water, soil and mineral resources on which society depends. To achieve those ambitions, we must attract a new generation of Earth Scientists from a wide range of backgrounds, ensure they thrive during their time at Bristol, and prepare them for careers in a competitive world.


If you did an Earth Sciences degree at Bristol, it is likely that your fondest memory is of the field work. That is still a central part of our programme, and we are proud that we remain one of the few UK departments that pays all field work travel and accommodation expenses for our undergraduate students. However, it is likely that those memories include adventures in less than ideal weather conditions. Whether it be the wind-swept Brecon Beacons or near-freezing rain of Arran, field work in the UK is something that is best enjoyed when you are best prepared. And that is where we need you.


A donation of £50 buys field waterproofs, £100 buys a pair of hiking boots, £200 provides all the needed kit for one student and £3,000 funds one year worth of kit bursaries.